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We are dedicated to gathering the information that you need for your peace of mind as well as the evidence to support your claim or your case. Our investigative specialties are Surveillance, Family Law, Background Investigations and Locating Missing Persons. Let us know what you need and we will work towards a successful outcome.

Our Story

Flatirons Private Investigations is a Colorado based private investigations firm, established to provide investigative services to the general public. We are fully licensed, insured and bonded to do business throughout the state. Our firm was founded to fulfill a need for quality customer-oriented investigations in the private sector and our experience is derived from working similar investigations for the Department of Defense both in the United States and internationally.


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Unemployment Fraud. Child Support Avoidance. Cheating Partners. Illicit Activity. Asset Verification. Foot, Vehicle, Bus, Rail, Aerial Surveillance.


Child Custody. Divorce. Child Support. Deadbeat Parent. Protective Order Confirmation. Inappropriate Guests. Drugs. Background Investigations. Pre-Marriage. Divorce. Online Dating. Nanny. Tenant. Employee. Social Network.


Missing Children. Child Abduction. Missing Parent. Family Members. Client. Witness Locating. Plaintiff Locating. Fugitive Recovery. Aerial Surveillance. Process Service.


Witness Interviews. Process Service. Locating Missing Clients or Witnesses



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5 Ways To Tell If My Spouse Is Having An Affair

How Can I Tell if My Spouse is Cheating? Surveys have shown that the majority of people are faithful in relationships. When it happens, sexual betrayal can be the most agonizing trauma for anyone to endure. Even if you’re not married, there is an unwritten agreement in all but the most casual of partnerships that…

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Divorce Investigator Denver

Divorce Investigator Denver Colorado   Colorado is a “true no-fault” divorce state. Meaning that the reason why you want to get divorced has no impact on whether a divorce is granted. The other spouses actions, infidelity, abuse, etc. don’t need to be proved for a divorce. The laws provide for the splitting of marital property…

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Insurance Investigations Denver Colorado

You can hire a private investigator to help you with your insurance investigation if you’ve been a victim of a staged accident or if someone is trying to file a false claim against you. A Private Investigator who performs insurance investigations can use surveillance, investigate medical reports, perform witness interviews, uncover previous claims, and perform…

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Hidden Cameras and Private Investigators

You are cleaning a lamp in the living room and you find hidden cameras. You are shocked. What do you do? First, call Flatirons Private Investigations, your Denver Private Investigators. We have seen this before. First, don’t tamper with the hidden cameras, we document their location to determine who put it there, why, and when.…

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Repossessing Motor Vehicles

Call a Denver Private Investigator to find your property or Repossess The lender hasn’t received a payment in 45 days and they want their property back. Call a private investigator before you send the tow truck to repossess. Sometimes people don’t make their car payments. Ideally the lender and driver will be able to work…

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Sex Crime Investigations

There is no violation quite so devastating as a sex crime. Victims do not recover easily– emotionally, psychologically, or physically from such incidents, and the long-term impact can be devastating to the victims, their families, and communities. Even investigating violent sex crimes is particularly difficult for many reasons. Often the collection of evidence requires a…

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