Alimony Reduction Investigations

Losing your job or having to face a cut in your pay can put you in a situation where you can no longer afford the alimony that was set in the original divorce settlement. With the help of close surveillance, we can provide you with proof that will be useful in an Alimony Reduction dispute. For example, we can ascertain that your former spouse:
  • has started on a new job
  • is being paid undisclosed amounts in cash
  • is running an undeclared business from home
  • is living in his or her house with an unrelated person
  • is collecting rent from an unrelated person
  To find such Alimony Reduction related evidence, please contact us and our private investigators will help you determine the best steps to take in an Alimony Reduction or Cohabitation Investigation. In order to obtain a judgement with respect to alimony and child support, the two parents must complete the form establishing the amount of the child support. Next, by referring to the allocation table, the parents will be in a position to determine the precise amount of child support. If the calculation of your spouse’s revenue doesn’t reflect reality, our investigators specialized in shadowing may discover that he or she is doing non-declared work, and that he or she is lying with respect to his or her salary, or that he or she is hiding his or her true employer from you. This fraud can be presented before the courts for establishing child support as evidence on the record.  

The deprivation of an attribute of parental authority

Parental authority consists of all of the rights and obligations which parents have with respect to their child or children from the time of birth. The withdrawal of parental authority is not a common thing. In order to deprive a parent of the exercise of his or her parental rights, the court must be presented with a «deprivation of an attribute of parental authority claim» within the context of which the existence of a «serious reason» must be demonstrated that justifies the total or partial deprivation of parental authority, and also establishes that this deprivation is in the interests of the child. Our team will help you demonstrate by video proof or by testimonial evidence the existence of this serious reason. In this way, all the proof collected by our investigators can be presented to the court in a claim of “deprivation of parental authority”.