Workers Compensation Fraud

Workers Compensation Fraud Investigations

Did Your Employee Submit a Suspicious Workers Comp Claim? CHECK THE VALIDITY OF THEIR CLAIM WITH OUR WORKERS COMPENSATION FRAUD P.I. SERVICES IN COLORADO.   Every year worker’s compensation seems to go up but nothing makes your rate rise faster than a claim. Sure, the State of Colorado has a worker’s comp insurance fraud investigation…

Corporate Investigations

Corporate Investigations Services

We cover all sectors of Legal, Private, Commercial, or Corporate Investigations including tracing, court document servers, surveillance and fraud investigation.   Corporate Investigations Services   Surveillance Covert and Overt surveillance play a major part in fraud, corruption and theft in any business. With the use of our company infiltration specialists who work completely undercover. They…


Witness Interview Tactics

Interview Do’s and Don’ts Working as an investigator for almost 20 years has given us the opportunity to interview and then interrogate countless individuals in both civil and criminal proceedings. Our trained interviewers have knowledge of the psychology of interviewing, have learned practical techniques to draw on in interviews, and have had the opportunity for…


Assisting Attorneys with a Witness Interview

A very critical aspect of any investigation is the witness interview. Witnesses are a vital part of the discovery process, whether it is for a civil or criminal proceeding. How the witness is dealt with in the beginning of the investigation has ramifications that reverberate throughout the entire proceeding. Properly trained professional investigators benefit the…

Attorney Hire-Private-Investigator

Attorney and Private Investigators

“An attorney may think that they do not have any need for an experienced private investigator because of the variety of skills and resources that they employ.  But have you ever found yourself staring at a computer screen and asking: I know the answer is out there…Where do we go from here? Although law school…