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Family Law Investigations

Flatirons Private Investigations specializes in customer service focused security, investigative, and consulting solutions for family law services. Since our inception, our goal has been to meet and exceed our client’s expectations. We accomplish this by using both internal and external investigative techniques and focusing our services on our clients’ needs. With extensive experience in managing family law investigations, Flatirons…


What Is a Custody Investigation or Parenting Time Investigation?

A Parenting Time Investigation, or Custody Investigation, is usually conducted as part of assisting a father or mother with parental rights, parenting time schedules, shared custody or other parental rights. Many of our clients in Colorado are parents who wish to increase the amount of visitation time they have with their child and fear that…


GPS Trackers

Can’t you just put a GPS Tracker on my girlfriend’s car and find out where she is going? FPI occasionally receives requests to “tag” vehicles with a GPS tracker. Is it legal? Is it ethical? Legality is one area best left to the lawyers but the short answer is, yes and no. You have to…