When you need the services of a Denver private investigator, you have many options available to you. The choice you make when hiring a PI will determine the level of service you experience; make sure you choose a PI who brings professionalism and expertise to the table to ensure a positive outcome. Flatirons Private Investigations is Denver’s first choice when it comes to surveillance, background investigations, and courtroom evidence to support our clients’ cases.

What Does a Private Investigator Do?

Privately-hired detectives and investigators search for and gather evidence for court cases or private cases. Most PIs have one or more areas of expertise. At Flatirons Private Investigations, we offer the following services:

  • Surveillance: Child support avoidance, cheating spouses, asset verification, aerial surveillance, unemployment fraud
  • Family Law: Evidence for cases including child custody or support, protective order confirmation, background investigations, deadbeat parents, divorce, online dating, and much more
  • Missing persons: Missing children, parents, and family members, child abduction, fugitive recovery, plaintiff location, witness locating
  • Attorney Services: Witness interviewing, location of missing clients and witnesses, process service

How Do I Choose the Right PI?

It’s not an easy task comparing services and reviews from different private investigators; you may even feel as though you need a PI just to locate the right PI agency. When choosing a Denver private investigator, look for the following:

  • Consider an agency that will provide a free consultation or at least answer all of your questions over the phone without rushing you through your checklist
  • Ask about a license to make sure you’re working with a professional
  • Inquire about experience in the area of service needed
  • Go with your gut instinct after speaking with the PI
  • Make sure the fees are easy to understand so there won’t be any surprises later on
  • Ask if you can meet in their office
  • Look online for any sign of negative reviews

You’ll find our list of qualifications online when you visit Flatirons Private Investigations. Click on the ‘Why Hire Us?’ link for service rates, testimonials from past clients, and additional information to help you make the best decision when hiring a Denver Private Investigator. If you’d like, chat live with us- you’ll find tools right on our website to connect you with a Flatirons specialist. We’ll take all the time necessary to address any questions or concerns.

Additional Resources

Our website’s blog is an excellent place to learn more about how we can help with your private or court case. There, you’ll find articles on topics such as what you should do when the police won’t help, how you can catch a cheating spouse, and how you can use the services of a PI to help fight worker’s compensation fraud. We maintain multiple blog pages filled with interesting and informative content, so feel free to bookmark our website and return at any time for your reading enjoyment. When you’re ready to hire a Denver Private Investigator, we’re confident you will find that we are the right choice for your case.