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Do You Offer Surveillance Services?

Yes, we do provide several different types of surveillance as part of our investigative services near Boulder. It is important to remember, this type of information gathering needs to be done in a concealed manner. We don’t want anyone to realize we are watching them. Our investigators are well trained and know how to blend in and collect the information needed without being spotted.

It is crucial to be adequately trained for covert activities because if you are acting suspiciously, someone will call the police and report you. Our goal is to provide the evidence you need that will stand up in court. We offer the following types of surveillance:

  • Foot surveillance: We will follow our subject and gather as much information while remaining invisible as we can. The distance will vary depending on the circumstances.
  • Aerial surveillance: We can fly a drone at 300 feet or above so as not to attract the attention of the subject.
  • Vehicle and Mass Transit surveillance: We will follow a subject in their car and remain incognito. We have the training to know how to handle all different types of situations when following a subject.
  • Video surveillance: We spend a lot of time researching the best places to capture photos and videos of our subject. We have to be able to get a clear picture of license plates, faces, and precisely what they are doing.

Because all of our investigators have professional training, we know precisely how to get the video footage required. We will have a location and timestamp that will help reinforce your case.

What is Social Media Investigations?

If you are looking for investigative services near Boulder Colorado, we can handle social media investigations for you too. Social media is a big part of how we communicate with others. Several social networking sites allow you to communicate, share ideas, express your opinion, and share photos with your friends and family. A few popular sites:






Social media is huge. More and more of our information is out there for everyone to see. People do not seem overly concerned about this glut of information even though, in some instances, it can be dangerous. We can help with the following:

  • Alias vetting
  • Company policy violations
  • Dishonest employee actions
  • Employee character development
  • Fraud
  • Harassment
  • Identity theft
  • Identity verification
  • Intellectual theft of property
  • Probation violations
  • Stalking
  • Sting operations

What Is Family Law Services?

If you need the best investigative services near Boulder for a divorce or child custody, we can help. We know that divorces are messy, and child custody cases are complicated. We can help you during this time and make sure you are privy to all the facts, and your case is handled appropriately in the courts. Each case is different and requires different techniques. We can help you contact us at Flatirons Private Investigations.

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