Lawsuit Against Roundup

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Lawsuit Against Roundup

Join a class-action lawsuit against Roundup to claim your share of a settlement in favor of victims exposed to the product’s toxic ingredient, Glyphosate. If you’ve received a diagnosis of cancer, Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, leukemia, or another serious medical illness linked to Roundup, you can file your case details with Your Case Worth to get started. The sooner you file your case, the better your chances of receiving restitution for the harm caused by Monsanto’s Roundup.

Monsanto is a Huge Corporation- Can I Win?

Even a decade ago, lawyers would not have thought it a possibility to take on corporate giant, Monsanto- but things have changed significantly in the past few years. The federal justice system regards Monsanto’s actions as criminally intentional, not just negligent, which has added momentum to cases filed against the company. Some victims of Roundup exposure are claiming multi-million dollar individual settlement awards, and it’s not too late to take action. At Your Case Worth, we’ll help you get started with your case to ensure your voice is added to the thousands of other voices demanding compensation for pain & suffering due to Roundup exposure.

If Roundup is a Poison, Why is it Still Being Sold?

Corporations, like Monsanto and their buyout partner, Bayer, have billions of dollars with which to lobby politicians and people in high places who create laws and get them passed without the knowledge of consumers. Monsanto and Bayer have made trillions of dollars in revenue, while only paying out billions of dollars in restitution for damages. In the eyes of corrupt CEOs, the trade-off is founded because they can line their pockets while managing every lawsuit against Roundup. Filing a lawsuit against Monsanto shows other corporations that they can’t get away with this kind of behavior.

We Stand Up For Victims of Roundup

At your Case Worth, we believe we must fight for the rights of consumers who have suffered harm through the negligent and criminal actions of large corporations- like Monsanto and Bayer. Monsanto stands to pay out the entirety of their net worth in courts across the US, but even more important, they will soon face a tribunal of their peers to stand trial for crimes committed against humanity. A tribunal of this significance has not been orchestrated since the Nuremberg Trials following the Holocaust. Monsanto’s CEOs will have to accept personal accountability for their decisions.

Filing a Lawsuit Against Roundup

It’s easier than you think to submit your claim details on Your Case Worth. Use the free tools on our site to send us information regarding your medical condition records that link your illness to Roundup. The good news is that when you file with a class-action lawsuit, you won’t have to provide as much detailed information- and you can still claim an equal share of compensation when a settlement is reached in court. Contact us now to find out how you can get involved in the next class-action lawsuit.

Lawsuit Against Roundup