How a Private Investigator Can Turn Your Child Custody Case in Your Favor

investigator - child custody
In the midst of a child custody fight, you require all the support you can get. Your divorce law firm needs to be ready to give you all the proper lawful guidance and assistance, but often even that is not enough if you cannot confirm that your previous wife or husband is unfit to keep your children. Luckily, numerous divorce lawyers use methods that can help, like a private investigator. You should discover how this variety of specialist can aid you with your scenario.

GPS Tracking

If you suspect that your former husband or wife leads a life-style that is not conducive to raising youngsters, you need to get proof of this perception. Probably you consider your ex is partying too much to care for your children, or even using unlawful medication. Nonetheless, you cannot just mention this to the courtroom with out some evidence. A private investigator must be in a position to use GPS monitoring to find out how your former husband or wife spends his or her time. You may possibly locate out that he or she buys drugs, spends the day at the bar, or is a compulsive gambler. Of course, you may also uncover that none of your suspicions are real, in which circumstance at minimum you can rest confident that your children are safe when they are with your ex. Clearly, a private investigator can aid you either way.  

Use of Cameras

A private investigator can provide secrete surveillance of your ex. This way, you can find out much more about what goes on when he or she is at home or work. If you are only intrigued in what your ex does close to the kids, you can request that a nanny cam be used, which is a tiny camera concealed in a stuffed animal. If you suspect that your ex abuses or neglects the children, you can get evidence of it so that you can get them removed from that setting. A private investigator's skill can assist, and your divorce lawyer should be in a position to place you in contact with one.  

Investigator - Examining Documents

Not every single key event in your former spouse's daily life is general public record, which means no amount of browsing can notify you what your ex has been up to lately. If you are confident that a recent event or behavioral change can prove he or she isn't fit for custody, you will require evidence of it. Fortunately, a private investigator can lookup documents that you did not even know existed. In addition, you will not have to waste your time looking for information that produce no new info for your circumstance. The more evidence you have in opposition to your former partner, the greater your situation is. If you want to get child custody, and are anxious about your kids' wellbeing in your previous spouse's care, you must acquire the services of a private investigator. If you are not sure the place to commence, talk to your divorce attorney to find out if he or she believes that a non-public investigator could assist you.