Sex Crime Investigations

There is no violation quite so devastating as a sex crime. Victims do not recover easily-- emotionally, psychologically, or physically from such incidents, and the long-term impact can be devastating to the victims, their families, and communities. Even investigating violent sex crimes is particularly difficult for many reasons. Often the collection of evidence requires a full medical examination of the victim--a second violation of sorts. Police must interview the victim, who must recount his or her assault. Often, the victims are children, and offenders range from family members to strangers. However, investigating and prosecuting these crimes is crucial to the healing process of many victims, and to the safety of society at large. Typically, sex abuse cases involve the use of a variety of specialized psychological care professionals who are instrumental in helping the victim to be able to assist with the investigation, while still emotionally insulating them from the shock and horror of what has been perpetrated against them.

Sex Crime Investigation Cases

Sexual Harassment in the workplace often results in both criminal and civil charges being filed against the perpetrator. Workplace sexual intimidation, assault and rape are some of the most commonly investigated crimes involving the use of professional detectives. Sexual Abuse can occur anywhere, but commonly happens in homes, hospitals, childcare facilities or schools. Sexual abuse in childcare facilities and schools is a horrific aspect of sex crime investigation. Children remain one of the most victimized of all demographics in society and account for a significant percentage of sex abuse targets. Rape and Statutory Rape are the most serious of all sexual crimes. Both are punishable by criminal penalties and might also result in civil lawsuits. As with all sex crime cases, rape investigations can be traumatizing for the victim. This is why its so important to hire a competent investigator that is sensitive to the situation. Sometimes, police do not discover sexual abuse or have a difficult time proving the crime actually occurred. In these instances, Private Investigators are crucial in documenting the abuse which is indeed taking place and providing police with the grounds for criminal charges to be filed.