• "I like your dedication and interest and updates. Very professional." attorney
  • "I have been crying all day, thank you". Mom needed proof that her son was ok after not hearing from her son and fearing the worst.
  • “THEY GOT HIM!” - Father looking for his missing son.
  • “I spoke with a (state) fraud investigator today and passed along some information and a copy of (your) report.” – Company faced with unemployment insurance fraud.
  • "Yes he is the right guy but that is his girlfriend because we are still married." – Wife trying to get child support from deadbeat dad.
  • "I sort of knew he was married all along, I just needed proof." - ex girlfriend of married man
  • "Good job.  Good info. I owe you." - fraud victim
  • "You're the big guns. Appreciate your ability to jump on this." - attorney


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