Wireless Remote Cameras For Private Investigators


Private Investigator Problems

How many times have you, the alone and unafraid private investigator, sat on surveillance only to be questioned by a local home owner? In my experience the conversation goes something like this: Homeowner: Hi, you have been her for a while. Me: Ok. HO: What are you doing? Me: Nothing. HO: If you don't tell me what you are doing here, I am going to call the cops. Me: (Glancing to the nearest public street sigh) Go ahead.


You never know how it it will end, one time I was thanked for my work, another guy was ruffled by my nonchalance and sped off (I repositioned). Sometime you cannot sit on a house or street all day without getting burned or repeatedly harassed by overzealous homeowners. I digress.

Camera, Transmitter, Battery and DVR
Remote Wireless Camera Setup

Have you been looking for a remote wireless camera? We have built a solution that is inexpensive, simple to operate, has a great range and battery life. This is not a solution that will allow you to peer into windows or through walls but it will let you know if your subject is working in the front yard or departing their residence or job site. We have been experimenting with various enclosures to blend into different environments and with a little creativity it will pass scrutiny by all but the most paranoid subject, believe me the people in this house are always looking for cameras. However, if they do locate your equipment you haven't lost a $500 camera. Using this setup the most expensive piece of equipment is the receiver (monitor) and it is with you at all time. This monitor is also a DVR and uses both batter and wall (or inverter) power. Good Luck!

For more information or to purchase your own remote wireless camera call us, visit our website or send us an e-mail at wireless@flatironspi.com

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