Video Surveillance Services

video surveillance
Video Surveillance Services is one of the best investigative tools to use when we investigate a person. Through video surveillance services a private detective may prove a persons pattern, habits, lifestyle, associates, etc. We offer Video Surveillance Services for numerous types of cases including domestic investigations, workers comp investigation, cheating spouses, Infidelity investigations, matrimonial investigations, employee fraud, employee investigations, child custody investigations, corporate theft, Adultery Investigations, civil litigation, undercover investigations, insurance fraud investigations and many more investigation services… Whether it is vehicular or foot, static or mobile surveillance you require… our Colorado Private Investigators have the knowledge, ability, experience and technology to gather the evidence and resolve all cases effectively. After the investigation is completed, our clients are provided with a detailed, written report, and photo or video surveillance evidence of the investigation or surveillance services. Without a doubt, it is a fact that video surveillance is very useful for evaluating a person and is crucial to document a persons lifestyle or a persons daily activities such as who they associate or meet with, where they go or simply to verify facts or whatever evidence you need on a person. Our licensed Private Investigators can obtain video evidence and covert video surveillance documentation using our hi-tech surveillance equipment such as video cameras, body worn covert cameras, GPS Vehicle Trackers, night vision capable zoom surveillance cameras, and other sophisticated surveillance techniques not commonly used by other Private Detective Agencies. Our Surveillance Investigators usually use Video surveillance services to determine or investigate a persons activity, lifestyle, movements, habits, and personal contacts. Our Colorado Private Investigation Company specializes in video surveillance services with a major emphasis on marital infidelity, insurance fraud, claims investigations, parental custody rights, child custody, personal injury and SIU. Whether it be related to business, domestic relations, cheating spouses, stalking, marital infidelity, spousal surveillance, civil investigations, employee investigations, insurance claim fraud or any other reason... we can investigate it!